Todays Top 5 Botox questions

Are Botox injections safe?
Botox has been around for nearly 20 years and has, very reliable and safe profile. It is one of the brands of antiwrinkle injections amongst many. In the UK besides Botox the other brands available are Azzalure and Boccouture. All of these brands are based around Botulinum Toxin type A.


Can Botox go wrong?
Botox along with the other brands of Botulinum Toxin type A is a very safe molecule that can be used to create or to advantage in them getting rid of all of frown lines worry lines and crows feet lines. Having said that as it any medical treatment the doctor administering the dose has to know how much does each and the exact placement of the dose that is needed.
If too much toxin is injected or if it is injected in the wrong place the patient can suffer from complications like asymmetry, dropping off the brows or the Eyelids.


How Botox works?
All antiwrinkle agents based on Botulinum Toxin type A work by blocking the passage of electrical current from the ends of the nerves to the muscles they supply. It is like imagining a plastic sheet between a plug and a socket, and how it will block the current from flowing.
Because the nerve cannot activate the muscle you get weakening of the muscles that are used in the expressions of anger and worry.

What  Botox is best?
Botox is merely a brand name of medicine that contains Botulinum Toxin type A the other brands with the same toxin are Azzalure and Boccouture.
There is no real difference between the action and duration between any of these three brands.
If the doctor using these brands is familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of all of these he can choose the brand that would be most suited for your case.

What can be done when Botox goes wrong?
Done by an experienced doctor it is unlikely that you will experience many complications from antiwrinkle injection treatments. However
if you do get any problems these are all for transitory nature and will generally ease in a few weeks to months, following which you will be back to how you were in before the injections. Your doctor will also be able to advise you on different strategies to help you recover from any complications caused by antiwrinkle injections.