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Abdominal Etching or Six Pack Liposuction

Abdominal Etching or Six Pack Liposuction

(6 Pack Lipo, 6 Pack Liposculpture, High Definition Liposculpture, High Definition Liposuction, Ab Etching, Abdominal Etching Liposuction 3 D Lipo, 3 D Liposculpture, 4 D Liposculpture)

All these names are essentially modifications of Liposuction Techniques that are designed to take out the fat underneath the skin in such a way as to enhance the appearance of the underlying muscles Bulk and also the Cuts. These techniques are generally more aggressive than conventional liposuction and can therefore be associated with a more prolonged recover and slightly higher risk of complications. These techniques of liposuction can use assisted techniques like PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction) and UAL (Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction or VASER).

The purpose of these procedures is to enhance your muscle Bulk and your Cuts and make you appear more Shredded, especially if you can feel all the cuts due to your exercise routine, but can’t see the definition of the muscles because of the overlying resistant fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between tummy or abdominal liposuction and high definition or abs etching?

High Definition Liposuction (Hi Def Lipo) is a specialized technique of liposuction, often done with the PAL ((Power Assisted Liposuction) and VASER (Ultrasound energy assisted liposuction) techniques.

Conventional Liposuction, which will also use PAL and VASER is much less aggressive compared to the Hi Def Liposculpture, the latter seeks to deliberately take out fat from directly underneath the skin in areas were a muscular person will have a natural cut or dimpling.

Conventional liposuction deliberately avoids the delicate fat close to the skin undersurface as doing so carries the risk of damaging the blood supply to the skin and causing complications related to the same.

Can lipo give me a six pack? Am I a good candidate for High Definition Liposculpture or 6 Pack Lipo?

Not every person wanting a Hi Def Lipo, is suitable for the procedure. The selection criteria for a person suitable for a 6 Pack Lipo or High Definition Liposculpture is as follows:

  • Active and healthy lifestyle in terms of diet, sleep and exercise.
  • Men with a BMI of no greater than 28 kg/m2 and Women no more than 26 kg/m2. BMI is a ratio of what you weigh in kilograms divided by your height In Metres squared.
  • No history of massive weight loss.
  • Loose or Lax Skin is a contraindication and might necessitate a tummy tuck or skin removal surgery before the hi def procedure.
  • The patient should be committed to keeping a steady ideal body weight after the procedure.
  • The patient should be committed to keeping up with the exercise routines needed to maintain the muscle mass in the defined areas.
  • Smoking is a relative contraindication as it can give rise to skin healing issues.
  • Patients who are prone to Keloid or Hypertrophic Scars are also relative contraindications.

What does Hi Def or 6 Pack Lipo involve?

The Hi Def or 3 D or 6 Pack or 4 D Liposculpture procedure always starts with a detailed consultation at Reforme Medical Clinic at which time our doctor will determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. If you are found to be a suitable candidate then you will be given all the information about what to expect in terms of preoperative care, the risks, side-effects and complications and the aftercare required. You will be required to have an adequate Cooling Off Period to consider the Pros and Cons of the Surgery. Once you have understood all aspects of the Surgery including the Benefits, Risks and Complications and are willing to go ahead, you will be subjected to investigations that will include blood tests, ECG and others. Given that the investigations are within normal limits and you are fit and willing the operation date will be scheduled.

The surgery is generally a day case procedure, but your doctor might choose to admit you in the facility for an overnight stay to enhance the safety and recovery.

You will then be examined by our doctor prior to your discharge and then sent home with all the appropriate aftercare instructions and contacts of the doctors and nurses involved in your care. You will generally be followed up at 2 weeks, 1, 3, 6 & 12 months and further if required.

How soon will I see the results of my 6 Pack Lipo?

You will have to wait a period of 3 – 6 months before the result of the surgery stabilises.

How long will the results of the Hi Definition, or 3 D Lipo or 4 D Liposculpture last?

If you maintain your body weight withing normal or recommended limits for your height, and if you continue exercising the muscles that have been defined, you will have a result that will last you a long time.

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