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Welcome to Reforme Medical & Clinique
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Led by Dr Prashant Murugkar an experienced Plastic Surgeon, specializing in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

We pride ourselves for being one of the best Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery Clinics, that has a CLIENT CENTERED APPROACH as its main philosophy.

We are extremely lucky to have practices both in UK and in India.

When you visit us, you will enjoy the relaxed, professional and friendly approach our doctors bring to every consultation. We believe in helping our clients enhance their natural beauty and will work with you to design a treatment plan that aims to reverse and slow down the effect of age and sun damage on your appearance. Like all our loyal clientele, you too can benefit from the latest advances in cosmetic medicine and surgery, and use our safe and reliable treatments to achieve the long lasting, relaxed, youthful look you desire.


We lay a great emphasis on Clarity and Followup. We try to provide the Safest, Latest & the Highest Quality Care, right from your Consultation to Recovery.


Our Philosophy is not to rush you into a treatment, but to spend time, getting to know you and your concerns. Once we understand your concerns, we will give you a clear, no beating around the bush, evidence-based plan of options, that will work to enhance your beauty for now and in the long term. Given our long experience with Non-Surgical, Laser and Surgical Cosmetic Treatments, we can give you unbiased advice, that will give you the best return on investment when it comes to the Beauty Treatments, meticulously designed for YOU.

Cardiff Clinic

Nestled in the lovely Llanishen area of Cardiff, with onsite parking. We love the clinic space we share with Kats Claws.

Our Mumbai Clinic

We are based in the Bandra area of Mumbai, which is about 30 minutes from the international airport. We see our Cosmetic Surgery consultations and followups over here, and also offer all our non surgical cosmetic treatments.

Our Operating facilities

We offer two levels of hospital facilities, both of which offer the same level of cleanliness, hygine, safety, clinical expertise and aftercare. The only difference is the ambience, KLS Memorial Hospital offer a corporate level experience, while Bhargava Nursing Home and Total Woman Nursing Home offer a more personalised, cosy experience. We have deliberately structured our practise this way, as it allows us to meet the price point needs of all our patients.

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