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    As aging progresses, there is progressive stretching of the skin of the upper and lower lids, along with the loss of muscle tone and bulging of eyelid fat pads. Not only does this make you look tired and older, but it can progressively affect your peripheral, and upper vision. This sagging and drooping of upper and lower eyelids or brows can be corrected by Blepharoplasty leaving you looking fresh, alert and young.
    There are three components of this operation, which are generally used together or sometimes separately as needed.

    If you have experienced a lowering and heaviness of the eyebrow, then you need a Brow Lift. This can be done either through the eyelid crease or through the hairline of the forehead.
    Upper Lid Blepharoplasty consists of taking out all the excess skin that droops and also removing any excess fatty bumps from the upper eyelid.
    Lower Lid Lift (Blepharoplasty), this operation can be done either through a transconjunctival approach (scarless technique) or through a hidden crease incision at the top of the lower lid. The operation consists of readjusting, removing or repositioning of the fat pads and if required removal of the excess skin along with tightening of the lower eyelid.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the eyelid surgery performed?

    It can be done under local or general anaesthesia. The operation is done through natural skin creases on the lids, which will leave an almost invisible scar. Excess skin, muscle or fat might be removed during the procedure, in the lower lid, the excess or sagging fat might be redistributed to cover the tear trough cheek hollow.

    What are the side effects of eyelid surgery?

    Though the side effects are generally rare and mild, the following have been reported in the literature:

    • swelling in the corners of the eyes.

    • irritated and dry eyes.

    • infection.

    • inflammation.

    • reactions to anaesthesia.

    • difficulty in the closing of the eyes.

    • bleeding.

    • numbness.

    • blurry vision.

    • discolouration of the skin.

    there are other side effects which are detailed in our consent form, which we will provide you with, well before your operation.

    What are the guidelines to follow before surgery?

    You would be asked to do the following before surgery, stop drinking alcohol and smoking about a month before the surgery, avoid certain vitamins and blood thinning medicines.

    What are the guidelines to be followed after the surgery?

    • avoiding direct sunlight and wearing sunglasses up to a month after the surgery
    • refraining from rubbing the eyes
    • using cold compresses to reduce the swelling on the eyelids
    • cleaning the eyelids using the prescribed ointment or eye drops
    • avoiding washing the face or hair for about 3-4 days after the surgery
    • avoiding all forms of rigorous exercise for a month
    • avoiding sexual activity for 2 weeks

    How long would it take to get back into shape?

    The period of recovery varies depends on the patient and the procedure performed. However, it would take 2 weeks, in general, to recover from blepharoplasty.

    How would you know if you are ideal for the surgery?

    You would be a good candidate if you have a good mental and physical health. Also, there should be fat deposits under the eyelids, giving them a puffy look. If the excess skin makes your eyelids sag or droop, the doctor might also recommend the surgery.


    Surgery Duration

    1-3 Hrs





    Hospital Stay

    0-1 day


    Recovery Stay

    Mumbai(4-14 days)


    Bed Rest

    1 – 2 days


    Sleeping Position

    Sleeping on back is recommended


    Time Off Work

    About 10 Days


    Full Recovery

    10-12 Weeks


    Scar Disappear

    8-12 Months



    Tepid shower after 2 days



    After 5 – 7 days recommendable



    Mild exercise after 2-3 weeks

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