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Breast Lift, Implant Mastopexy

Breast Lift in Cardiff

(Augmentation Mastopexy, Doughnut Breast Lift, Lollipop Breast Lift, Anchor Breast Lift, Vertical Breast Lift, LeJour Mastopexy, Boob Uplift Surgery, Surgery for Drooping Breast, Breast Uplift)

Breast Lift is a surgical procedure designed to help women who have lost breast projection, volume and height due to weight loss, breast feeding, aging and other hormonal changes the female body undergoes.

As the name suggests it is a series of strategies that will add volume, projection to the breast while ensuring that it rides in the natural position on the chest for that patient. This can be accomplished by 5 essential strategies:

  • Redraping and cutting out the excess skin.
  • Redraping and cutting out the excess or saggy breast tissue, such that the top of the breast is fuller than before and not so heavy at the bottom.
  • Reducing the size of the Areola (coloured skin surrounding the nipple).
  • Adding volume to the breast with a Silicone Implant.
  • Adding volume to the breast using the patient’s fat tissue, harvested from areas like thighs, tummy, also called Autologous Fat Transfer.

All the above will give you a perky firm and aesthetically pleasing breast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of breast lift do I need?

The answer to this question can only be answered by Dr Prashant Murugkar or the other doctors at Reforme Medical Clinic, Cardiff, UK. You will need to attend a consultation either in the clinic or online through our clinic on

During this consultation your problem is examined in terms of degree of skin and breast tissue sagging and the degree of loss of volume and areola widening.

The sagging of your breast is evaluated relative to its decent to the Infra Mammary Fold or IMF, this is the level at which the lower pole of the chest attaches to the chest wall.

Minor sagging with mainly volume loss, can be managed just with a carefully selected silicone implant.

Moderate sagging can be managed by a Doughnut or Peri-areolar lift or Crescent Mastopexy often combined with an Implant. If performed on its own a Periareolar Mastopexy can cause flattening of the breast, this is prevented by adding a Silicone Implant to the procedure.

As the degree of skin and nipple sagging worsens in terms of how far down the inferior mammary fold (IMF) the breast has descended, your doctor will tell you if you need removal and redraping of the skin and breast tissue either in the Lollipop Pattern or Anchor Pattern is needed.

In the Lollipop pattern (Vertical Mastopexy) the scar runs around the areola and straight down to the IMF (from 6 o clock position on the areola), In the Anchor Pattern Mastopexy in addition to the Lollipop Mastopexy scar you will have a scar that runs at the IMF.

If the volume loss is significant your doctor will advise you either a Silicone Breast Implant or Autologous Fat Transfer (Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation) in addition to the Anchor or Lollipop or Vertical Mastopexy.

What is the difference between a Breast Lift and a Breast Reduction?

While the two procedures both will lift the breast up, and also share the scars similar to the Lollipop or Anchor technique, a Breast Reduction will generally involve removal of excess breast tissue weight along with the skin, in a Breast Lift very little breast tissue is removed. Another difference between the two surgeries is that in a Reduction the lifting and volumizing of the breast is achieved with rearrangement of the breast tissue and skin, whereas in a mastopexy often an implant or Fat Transfer is need to add to the breast volume.

Do Nonsurgical Breast Lifts work?

Many Skin Creams, Chest Exercises, Brassieres, Breast Lift Tape are suggested for lifting your Drooping Breasts. There are even clinical procedures involving heating the breast skin and tissues to give you a Breast Uplift, these include amongst other CACI, Lasers, Thermage, J-Plasma device, Renuvion device.

Even more treatments like the Botox, dermal fillers and Aptos Threading have been suggested as a way of avoiding Boob Lifting surgery.

Please read our detail verdict in our blog on this subject, but in a nut shell the benefits of all non-surgical techniques are minimal at best.

What can I expect from my Breast Lift Consultation?

The procedure always starts with a detailed consultation at Reforme Medical Clinic at which time our doctor will determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. If you are found to be a suitable candidate then you will be given all the information about what to expect in terms of preoperative care, the risks, side-effects and complications and the aftercare required. You will be required to have an adequate Cooling Off Period to consider the Pros and Cons of the Surgery. Once you have understood all aspects of the Surgery including the Benefits, Risks and Complications and are willing to go ahead, you will be subjected to investigations that will include blood tests, ECG and others. Given that the investigations are within normal limits and you are fit and willing the operation date will be scheduled.

The surgery is generally a day case procedure, but your doctor might choose to admit you in the facility for an overnight stay to enhance the safety and recovery.

You will then be examined by our doctor prior to your discharge and then sent home with all the appropriate aftercare instructions and contacts of the doctors and nurses involved in your care. You will generally be followed up at 2 weeks, 1, 3, 6 & 12 months and further if required.

Will my breast size reduce and breasts look smaller after mastopexy?

If you are having a breast lift without any augmentation of volume with a Silicone Breast Implant or Fat Transfer, the redraping of your breasts from the flat wide drooping shape they have into a more conical shape, will create the illusion of smaller breast, despite no breast tissue being removed. Your surgeon will demonstrate this to you in the clinic. If you are not happy with the volume of the lifted breast you can choose to have an augmentation of the breast with a Silicone Breast Implant or Autologous Fat Transfer at the time of the Breast Lift Surgery or at a separate time.

How painful is mastopexy surgery and how long will I take to recover and go back to work and drive?

The surgery is performed under General Anaesthesia and the scars are not particularly painful in the recovery period. You will be required to wear a support bra post-op. Most women can go back to work as early as 5 – 7 days after surgery. It does take 2 – 3 weeks for the breast lift scars to heal well and we therefore ask you to avoid wearing seatbelts and therefore driving for the period.

How long will the result of my breast lift surgery last?

The lifting achieved with Mastopexy will be long lasting. If you have had an implant mastopexy you will be advised to wear good quality support bras to maintain the results.

What are the risks and complications of Mastopexy Surgery?

We go through great lengths to give you clarity about all the risks, side-effects and complications that are associated with this surgery. Please email us for our consent document that lists all of these in detail.

Besides the pain, swelling, discomfort, bruising associated with any surgery, the common risks associated with Mastopexy or Breast Lifts are: Scar Breakdown, Pigmented Bumpy Scar, Oversensitivity of nipple areola, numbness of breast or nipple, Inability to breast feed to list a few of the relatively more frequent issues.


* All prices quoted apply to surgery done at World Class clinic in Mumbai, India and are subject to variation based on prevalent exchange rates.

What are the costs of Breast Lift Surgery?


(price source private clinic data)
(price source
MODIFIED MASTOPEXY £5000 $7950 From Rs 170000 or GBP 1850 , USD 2250 onwards
MODIFIIED MASTOPEXY WITH IMPLANT £6500 $8825 Rs 250000, GBP 2700, USD 3300 onwards

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