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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Treatment in Cardiff

Reduction Mammoplasty, Reduction Mammaplasty

While most women want to have appropriately sized perky breasts, some can have too much breast tissue, to the point of it becoming a problem; these women need to consider breast reduction surgery.

The weight of the breasts can have functional problems like, neck pain that can progress to cervical spondylosis, painful shoulder strap region, shoulder pain and back pain. The heavy breasts can cause painful fungal infections of the skin under the breasts.

The inability to fit into proper clothing and the embarrassment of the heavy breasts can restrict the patients from activities like swimming, sports and can also become a heavy psychological burden. This can lead to anxiety and depression.

This problem can present around the onset of puberty, or around menopause, but can also be associated with pregnancy and weight gain.

The enlargement can be due to an increase in gland tissue in the breast or due to an increase in the fat component of the breast.

There are two options for surgical breast reduction, liposuction and reduction mammoplasty.

If there is a moderate increase in breast size, with a good quality of the skin, and if the enlargement is primarily due to fat, liposuction done through hidden cuts in the breast fold can reduce the breast volume by up to 50%.

If there is a massive enlargement in the breast, or if the cause is glandular or if the quality of the skin is poor and if there is a severe breast droop, then a surgical approach that removes excess fat, skin, gland and which reduces the areola size is needed. This can be done through a lollipop or anchor scar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast reduction surgery recovery, what to expect?

While our aftercare documents will take you through all the details of the recovery phase, the recovery is not associated with a great deal of pain. You will have to take a bit of rest for 3 – 5 days and can return to work as early as a week following the operation. You will have to wear a compression garment for 2 – 4 weeks, as advised.

How painful is a breast reduction?

This is a relatively pain-free operation, the stitches are all internal and you can start taking a shower as early as 2 days from the operation. The only action you can't do is raising your shoulder above 90 degrees for 2 weeks and lie on the side for the same period.

How dangerous is a breast reduction?

This is one of the safest body contouring surgery and is very rewarding for the patient, as there are no other means to reduce the volume and restore the breast into a more proportionate and perky shape.

What is the cost of getting a breast reduction?

The cost of breast reduction can vary depending on the surgery needed and will be discussed with you, during the consultation process.

Breast reduction risk?

While associated with infrequent wound healing or scar problems, the reduction mammoplasty is generally a low-risk operation. Besides the risk associated with all surgery, this operation can be associated with specific risks like loss of nipple sensation, inability to breastfeed or complete loss of nipple

Breast Reduction with liposuction?

This surgery can be used for breasts with modest enlargement which is primarily fatty, while there is a general improvement in size and shape of the breast and nipple-areola, there is less control in the reshaping of the breast with liposuction alone, compared with the reduction mammoplasty procedure.

Non-Surgical Breast reduction, does it work?

No, it does not work unless the enlargement in size is due to weight gain and the patient loses weight and her breast size reduces as a consequence.

Do I qualify for Breast Reduction on the NHS?

 In the UK eligibility criteria for breast reduction on the NHS varies with region and also with the local clinical commissioning group (CCG) you can, however, write to your GP with all your symptoms and appeal for this procedure. The CCG will not fund your procedure if it is for cosmetic reasons only.


* All prices quoted apply to surgery done at World Class clinic in Mumbai, India and are subject to variation based on prevalent exchange rates.

Liposuction only breast reduction prices start from 950 to 1000 GBP* onwards.

Reduction Mammoplasty prices start from 1900 GBP* onwards.


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