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Your Cosmetic Tourism Journey; Costs What is Included / What is Not Included.

Dr Prashant’s vision for Reforme Medical is to be a TRANSPARENT, SAFE & AFFORDABLE service. With this vision guiding us, we go to great lengths to make sure you understand all the details of your journey through our clinic and the attendant cost.

Our Costs are Unbeatable:

It is true that in most instances, you will be paying up to 40 – 60% less than the cost of surgery in the UK/EU. But this does not mean that any compromises are made to the clinical and surgical care that is needed, given that we are a doctor-led organisation, your safety comes first before any costs.

Free personal assistance and concierge services:

Our clinic manager Jennifer will be just a message or call away to help you with all your treatment and logistics-related worries or questions. We don’t charge you for this service, even if your queries are not related to your treatment, but are related to more tourism-related issues, like hotel bookings and travel arrangements in India.

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Free follow-ups with your surgeon:

We don’t charge you for follow-ups with your surgeon either in person or virtually. You will also get free follow-ups with Dr Prashant at the clinic or virtually in the UK.

No hidden fees:

Dr Prashant, Jennifer (our clinic manager), and the operating surgeon will coordinate to ensure that you are given an exact quote and a clear explanation of what is covered in the quote, this should ensure that there are no surprises waiting for you when you land in India.

Refundable Deposit:

Once your treatment plan and the quote are finalised, we will require you to pay 10% of the package value to reserve your surgery date. This deposit is in no way a compulsion for you to go ahead with the travel and surgical plan. We at Reforme believe that Cosmetic Surgery should be your choice alone, and we will give you the full refund if you change your mind, deducting only the actual paid out to Hotels, Travel Agents, Hospitals that can’t be refunded to us. Reforme Medical will not deduct any administrative costs incurred by our doctors or us.

Flexible Packages:

We can help you with many different levels of assistance, in addition to the actual treatment, like hotel bookings, airbnb or hostel accommodation, private nursing care, food arrangements. The quotes can be tailored to reflect these logistics.

We also have 3 Tiers of Care Facilities that you can choose while coordinating with your surgeon; this will also reflect on the cost of the treatments, making them more accessible.

Hospital Facility Tiers:

We have 3 levels of facilities that can be used for your treatment.
Class A: Nursing Home Hospitals,
Class B: Nursing Home Hospitals with Intensive Care Units,
Class C: Corporate Hospital with Intensive Care Units.

All these facilities have been chosen by Dr Prashant and the Reforme Medical Panel of Doctors ensuring no compromise on Transparency, Safety and Efficacy.

All the 3 Levels of Care Facilities are doctor-owned and administered, ensuring no compromise on standards of Hygiene, Safety and Quality Control.

The only difference is in the ambience.

Just as you might choose a 3* or 5* Hotel, you can choose the Health Care Facility, allowing you greater cost flexibility, without compromising safety and outcomes.

The costs at Class A will generally be the most competitive, while that at Class C will be the most expensive, having said that the cost will still be significantly less than those of the UK/EU or US facilities.

Dr Prashant will discuss all these facilities and give you all the details, including photos and weblinks you will need to make an informed decision.

Cost of Extension of Treatment Time, Hospital Stay or time spent in India:

At Reforme Medical, we always encourage you to consider taking out insurance with a specialist company like Medical Travel Shield, so that you are covered for all eventualities.

In the instance in which you don’t have a specialist cover and need to extend your stay due to an unfortunate complication, we will make sure that you will be well supported through this period.

While Reforme cannot cover the costs of any extensions of your travel and accommodation, we will cover any treatment and hospitalisation costs that are necessary up to an equivalent of £1000. We will need you to pay the Hospital/Treatment fees if the costs exceed £1000, our Cosmetic Surgeons will not charge you for this service.

This cover will apply to any post-operative complications during the recovery period, provided the patient complies with the aftercare and advise about the minimum stay of convalescence in India, as recommended by the Surgeon in charge of your care.

Cost of future touch up or revision surgery:

In the unlikely event that you and the Surgeon who did your surgery both feel the need for you to have a minor revision procedure or touch-up treatment following your cosmetic surgery, you will be entitled to a free touch-up surgery, which will cover you for the hospitalisation and treatment costs up to an equivalent of £1000. This warranty will not cover flights and accommodation.

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