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Face and Neck Lift

Face Lift and Neck Lift Surgery in Cardiff

Facelift surgery is also referred to as Rhytidectomy and along with Neck lift is a surgery designed to improve the sagging of the skin, jowls, and neck that happens with the ageing face.
Most of the ageing changes of the face will relate to loss of tone of both the skin and muscles of the face, the Face Neck lift restores the muscle tone and removes some of the loose skin improving the visible signs of ageing, it will, however, cannot stop the process of ageing but will certainly delay it.

There are many varieties of Facelift: on the basis of the cut made on the skin, it can be a short scar or limited incision facelift as against a full or extended face and neck lift. The types of surgery can also vary from less aggressive Skin the Only facelift, Partial Face Neck lift, SMAS lifts, to very aggressive Deep Plane Facelifts. Similarly, the Neck lift can comprise skin removal, platysmal repair, liposuction and other interventions.

Our clinic specializes in the Partial Face Neck lift, also known as the Short Scar Facelift, Limited Incision Facelift, Mini Lift, Quick Lift, S Lift, MACS lift etc. A Partial Face Neck lift is quite often combined with Liposuction, Browlift, Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), Rhinoplasty (Nose Job), or Fat Grafting to the face.

This surgery addresses the sagging lower midface, jowls, front of the neck, neck bands leaving you looking younger, fresher and rejuvenated. It works best for a patient who has early signs of ageing, a relatively elastic skin, good bone structure and moderate effects of ageing.
The advantage of a Partial Facelift is shorter scars, shorter recovery times and lesser costs when compared to a full facelift.

The technique of Partial Facelift:
This surgery can be done either with local anaesthesia and sedation or can be done under General Anesthesia if the patient prefers. The incisions are generally well hidden in the hairline, immediately in front and behind the ear, and if needed in the skin crease just under the chin. You will be sent home either the same day or if required after a 24-hour observation at the hospital. There will be a light dressing on the suture line for the first 48 hours after which it can be taken off, leaving just a layer of tape on the suture line, that will allow you to take a shower at 72 hours. The sutures are mostly absorbable but if they need to be taken out they come out at day 5 and on average you need 10 to 14 days to go back to work, depending on how much swelling your body puts up.

Alternatives to a Partial Facelift

Cosmetic Surgery and treatments are driven primarily by your desire and if afterthought you decide to accept the signs of ageing and laxity, it is completely normal and acceptable.
You can always try the many new non-surgical face lifting techniques that are now available to you to see if you can avoid going down the minimal surgical route.

Anti-wrinkle injections like AZZALURE®, BOCCOTURE® are an excellent solution for reducing neck bands or even reducing the downturn at the angle of the mouth, they can also slim down the lower jaw, giving you a nice youthful tapered appearance.

 Dermal Volumizing Filler injections like VOLUMA®, VOLIFT® are an excellent way of volumizing the sunken midface and filling out the nose to mouth or marionette lines, leaving you with more youthful contours.

Chemical peels of various types including, Glycolic, Salicylic Acid, TCA or Obaji peels can help resurface and improve the pigmentation, quality and texture of your facial skin to a large extent, especially if combined with an effective home care regime.

Other non-surgical techniques involve devices like Microneedling Radio-frequency (MNRF), Radio-frequency skin tightening, Dermaroller, Dermapen, Cool Sculpting, Ulthera.


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