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  • Guide to Cosmetic Surgery Tourists

    Our highest priority at ReformeMedSpa is to ensure your safety through your cosmetic surgery journey; to this end we have prepared the following document to help you with your decision making.

    Questions to ask and get answers to:

    Is the procedure I want the right one and will it deliver the result I want?

    Often a times you might need a tummy tuck to get the flat tummy that liposuction will not deliver! You therefore need to explain your desires to our consultant (goal pictures also help), who will then evaluate and advice you if you have chosen the right procedure.

    Am I a good candidate for this operation?

    We ensure that we collect all the data needed (while ensuring the privacy of your data) to evaluate your problem and establish a safe solution.

    What are the complications or risks of this cosmetic surgery?

    Once we have understood the improvement you desire and have decided on the solution, we will go through a detailed exchange of all the benefits, risks, complications, recovery times and aftercare that are related to the procedure.

    What are the qualifications of the surgeon that make him/her the right one for me?

    The checklist in surgeon selection should have the following points

    • Is the surgeon a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon (in India there are two boards the MCh Board run Regional Universities, and the DNB Board which is a National Board)
    • Is the surgeon on the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) panel
    • Is the surgeon a member of national and international plastic and surgical societies?
    • Will the surgeon be performing the surgery himself/herself?
    Who will be coordinating the whole surgical journey?

    Ensure that you get to speak with the doctor directly and that the clinic does not put you through a call centre or patient advisor or agent.

    Do the surgeon and the operating facility use a Safety Checklist?

    A simple 19 -question checklist designed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is very helpful in increasing the level of safety around cosmetic surgery.

    Is the hospital where I am having my surgery accredited or certified?

    In India there are various hospital certification bodies such as Accreditation Standard for Nursing Homes (ASNH); ISO Certification; FEQH; NABH.

    Do the clinic and hospital speak my language fluently?

    It is important that the people who care for you, can communicate with you effectively, ask if the clinic and hospital staff, speak your language.

    Will my personal health insurance cover me for the operation?

    Most health insurance policies don’t cover medical tourism, you can however ask if your company or some other supplier can provide you with International Medical Coverage.

    Will I be followed up and how, what if there are complications?

    This is one of the most important questions you should ask the doctor you are choosing, as having a clear plan of action helps when things go wrong, despite the best efforts and precautions.

    What is the Patient Safety Diamond?

    This is a tool designed by ISAPS president Dr Foad Nahai and has four factors to consider for safe and effective, cosmetic surgery.

    • Procedure: appropriate for the patient
    • Patient: a good candidate for the procedure
    • Surgeon: qualified and experienced in performing the procedure
    • Surgical setting: safe with trained personnel and emergency procedures in place
    What check-list should I use to plan my surgery?

    Here is a checklist that might help:

    • Do I know enough about the procedure planned?
    • Have I researched my surgeon?
    • Have I researched the surgical facility?
    • Can I have a virtual or in person consultation with the doctor, before I plan my travel?
    • Will I have in person consultation before the surgery?
    • Can I have a quote before I travel and will there be any changes in the quote when I see the doctor at the clinic?
    • How do I pay for the procedure (online transfer; exchange rates; international credit card charges; cash payments)?
    • If I cancel my surgery will there be any cancellation charges?
    • Preoperative investigations and Vaccinations?
    • Continuity of Care, who will take care of me after I return home?
    • How long do I have to stay in Mumbai before I can return home?
    • What are the emergency care facilities in Mumbai, India?
    • Were will I stay the night before surgery and after my discharge from hospital?
    • .
    What travel checklist should I use?

    Here is a checklist that might help:

    • Accommodation before and after surgery?
    • Airport facilities?
    • Medical or Tourist Visa?
    • Pickup from airport, hospital, hotel?
    • Do I need local currency and how much, how do I pay for services needed?
    • Packing for the journey, clothes to wear after surgery, pressure garments, sun protection needed?
    What surgeon checklist should I use?

    Here is a checklist that might help:

    • What are your qualifications?
    • How many years of experience do you have?
    • Are you a member of the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS)?
    • How many procedures of this type have you performed?
    • What is your complication rate?
    • How often do you perform the procedure I am considering?
    • How many patients have your treated from abroad?
    • Which clinic will you be seeing me at?
    • Which hospital will I have the surgery at?
    • Can I see your before and after photos of similar procedures?
    • Can I speak with any of your patients who have had a similar procedure?
    What questions should I need answers to about the procedure fees?

    You need to discuss if the quote you have been given is going to be fixed or might change once you meet the doctor in person, before the surgery. You need to find if the fees include - the pre and post-operative consultation, the surgery, the anesthesia, any implants or garments needed, Lab work, Medicines – and find out if there will be any additional charges. Also enquire about additional medical and travel costs if you have a complication.

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