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Gynaecomastia Surgery in Cardiff

Male boobs, MOOBS, Male Breast Enlargement, Man Boobs, Puffy Nipples

A Male breast increase or enlargement is also called moobs, or man boobs, patients also describe it as puffy nipples, but the technical name for this extremely common condition is gynecomastia. While in most men it is a medically a harmless problem, the appearance of the enlarged chest can have a massive impact on the psychological health of young men. Patients coming in for gynecomastia treatment often describe a crippling effect the chest enlargement has on their social life, restricting the clothes they wear, avoiding the beach or swimming pools and being withdrawn and hesitant to expose themselves even to close friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of Gynaecomastia?

There is a long list of male breast enlargement causes, but the commonest cause is a hormonal imbalance between the male hormone and oestrogen levels around puberty or at an older age (after 50 years, when the male hormone levels start dropping). Besides a natural hormone imbalance during puberty, being overweight (obesity), can also increase oestrogen levels causing male breast enlargement. Bodybuilders taking anabolic steroids or heavy cannabis users can also get gynecomastia.

Are there any pills or non-surgical treatments of Gynaecomastia?

You might have tried taking medicine to reduce man breast or male breast reduction pills like Gynexin or tried natural cures for gynecomastia to try to reduce your chest without surgery. Some clinics also advertise completely useless non-invasive male breast reduction treatments like Cryolypolyis or ULipo. The truth is that none of the non-surgical gynecomastia remedies works reliably to reduce the male breast tissue, this is because the problem is often not just enlargement of the breast gland but also increase in the amount of fat tissue on the chest.

What type of surgery will I need for my male boobs?

There is a wide range of presentation of gynecomastia from just puffy nipples or small nodules behind the nipple to massive hanging women like breasts. We will examine and classify your problem and draw out a treatment plan. A gynecomastia stage 1, might need just a small gland removal, but gynaecomastia stage 3 generally needs both the gland removal and chest liposuction. This is the reason that during surgery we do a combination of male breast liposuction and also glandular gynecomastia removal. A stage 6 gynecomastia might, however, need Laser Assisted liposuction, gland removal and sometimes more extensive surgery to reduce the skin excess.

Why should I consider Mumbai, for my cosmetic surgery?

Dr Prashant Murugkar has been described as one of the best gynecomastia surgeons on the net. So if you are looking for male gyno treatment or moob treatment, do contact us to find out more about having the surgery in Mumbai, India.
If you are wondering what the gynecomastia surgery cost is at our clinic, let us just say, in most patients, it is less than half the price of gynecomastia surgery in the UK, even after including the travel cost, holiday and stay at the hotel.
So the next time you are searching google for “gynecomastia surgeon near me” do think of flying over to beautiful India and having both a holiday and the gynecomastia or male boob removal at the same time.


* All prices quoted apply to surgery done at World Class clinic in Mumbai, India and are subject to variation based on prevalent exchange rates.

The cost of a Liposuction and Gland Removal surgery will start from 900 GBP* onwards.

Real Results

gynecomastia surgery before and after
gynecomastia surgery before and after
gynecomastia surgery before and after

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