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Insurance for Cosmetic Tourism


When you are considering flying to India for your treatment, you need to think of two things to be covered for. The first question is if your Travel Insurance, is designed around the requirements and risks of a medical traveller; second does the insurance have a cover for any complications that might arise during the course of your treatment abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my travel insurance cover me for Cosmetic Surgery abroad?

No, the majority of travel insurance companies will not cover you if your travel is primarily for medical treatment. So you need to find out companies providing specialist Medical Travel Insurance.

Who covers the cost of any additional medical treatment or cost overruns resulting from any untoward events or complications of my treatment?

While the majority of our patients have an uneventful journey through their Cosmetic Surgery journey, senior and experienced doctors will always tell you to be prepared for when things go wrong. Reforme Medical encourages you to take out an insurance that covers your Cosmetic Surgery Abroad so that you are covered in the rare instance that there are any complications.

Which Insurance Company specialises in cover for Cosmetic Surgery Tourism?

Medical Travel Shield Insurance is an insurance product provided by the Sure Insurance Services Ltd, which is a specialist insurance broker, based in London and which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, UK.

We at Reforme Medical encourage all our patients to take this cover as it is designed to cover for most medical travel-related issues.

A few of the features they provide follow.

  • A cover for non-refundable treatment deposits in the event a patient has to cancel or delay their trip.
  • A contribution of up to £1500 per insured persons towards costs incurred if the patient’s recovery period is longer than expected.
  • A payment of up to £500 to cover any additional medical expense after discharge from the hospital, for treatment of any post-operative complications between discharge and return home.
  • A benefit of up to £2000 if a patient needs to return within 12 months for a medically necessary correction of the original treatment that is deemed medically necessary.

Reforme will provide you with the contacts for this company, but Reforme Medical is not financially involved with Sure Insurance Services Ltd.

Is the surgeon operating on me, fully accredited and insured?

Regardless of whether you have taken the PANEL DOCTOR LED package or the DOCTOR PRASHANT SUPERVISED package, all Reforme Medical certified Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons are Board Certified by the Plastic Surgery Boards in India and are fully insured for their surgical practice.

Does Reforme Medical cover me for the cost of complications of my surgery?

Given that we are a company led by experienced Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons, we go to great lengths to make your cosmetic tourism journey as safe as possible.

In the unlikely event that things go wrong, Reforme assures you that our team will go the full distance to help you with any required assistance or treatment.

In the unlikely event of you experiencing a complication, your Medical Travel Shield Insurance should help you with the additional costs.

What happens if I have to extend my stay due to unexpected complications and if I have not taken out specialist Medical Travel Insurance?

At Reforme Medical, we always encourage you to consider taking out insurance with a specialist company like Medical Travel Shield, so that you are covered for all eventualities. In the instance in which you don’t have a specialist cover and need to extend your stay due to an unfortunate complication, we will make sure that you will be well supported through this period.

While Reforme cannot cover the costs of any extensions of your travel and accommodation, we will cover any treatment and hospitalisation costs that are necessary up to an equivalent of £1000. We will need you to pay for the Hospital/Treatment fees if the costs exceed £1000.

This cover will apply to any post-operative complications during the recovery period, provided the patient complies with the aftercare and advise about the minimum stay of convalescence in India, as recommended by the surgeon in charge of your care.

Do I have to pay again if I need any touch-ups following my cosmetic surgery and don’t have medical travel insurance?

In the unlikely event that you and the Surgeon who did your surgery both feel the need for you to have a minor revision procedure or touch-up treatment following your cosmetic surgery, you will be entitled to a free touch-up surgery, which will cover you for the hospitalisation and treatment costs up to an equivalent of £1000. This warranty will not cover flights and accommodation.

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