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Microsclerotherapy in Cardiff

Thread Vein treatment, Spider Veins treatment, Red / Spider / Broken Veins, Telangiectasia Legs, Sclerosant Solution, Aethoxysklerol, Fibrovein

Microsclerotherapy is a safe, painless and well-established treatment for thread veins on the legs. Very superficially, a solution is injected with a very tiny needle, into the veins, causing the lining of the vein to break down. A healing response is triggered by this damage to the vein which over several weeks causes the vein to close and fade away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get spider veins removed on NHS?

As thread or spider veins are considered a cosmetic problem, the treatment is not funded or offered on the NHS.

How much does sclerotherapy cost in UK?

At our clinic we offer a FREE 15-minute consultation, that allows you to find out if you might benefit from this treatment.

How much does spider vein treatment cost?

The cost of treating your veins range from £200 – £295 depending on the severity of the problem.

Can I have treatment of spider veins on my breasts?

Yes, microsclerotherapy can be used to treat broken veins or telangiectasias on the breast.

Are spider veins a sign of poor circulation?

While spider or thread veins can be associated with Varicose Veins or Venous Insufficiency which are signs of poor circulation, in most instances they are a purely cosmetic problem.

How many sclerotherapy treatments will I need?

While most patients will get very good results with just one treatment, 2 – 4 treatments might be needed in some instances.

How long does it take to recover from sclerotherapy?

There is not much of a downtime after the treatment, and you can go straight back to work after it.

What is better for spider veins laser or injections?

Microsclerotherapy is consistently better than lasers in treatment of thread veins.

Does exercise help spider veins?

In most instances exercise does not directly impact spider veins.

How dangerous is sclerotherapy?

Microsclerotherapy is one of the safest modalities of reliably getting rid of Red Veins, Blue Veins, Thread Veins or Spider Veins. You can find out more about the risks associated in our consent form.

Is sclerotherapy painful?

Though the treatment involves multiple injections, it is surprisingly painless.

What are Aethoxysklerol or Fibrovein?

These are detergent solutions that are used to destroy the lining of thread veins, causing them to collapse and disappear.

Is microsclerotherapy successful?

Microsclerotherapy is the gold standard treatment of thread veins on legs.

Microsclerotherapy aftercare?

We encourage our patients to wear a graduated compression stocking after treatment and also encourage them to keep mobile after treatment.

What is microsclerotherapy compression?

We use a graduated compression stocking (Class 2) that provides support to the leg veins and helps keep the treated thread veins closed for long enough to seal them off completely.

Microsclerotherapy near me?

Reforme Medical is one of the premier thread vein clinics in Cardiff and South Wales.


* All prices quoted apply to surgery done at World Class clinic in Mumbai, India and are subject to variation based on prevalent exchange rates.

We offer a 15 minute FREE consultation, if you wanted to find out if you could benefit.

It costs £50 for a detailed consultation including Doppler and Veinlite examination of your Veins.

The cost of Microsclerotherapy session starts from £245

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