Anti wrinkle injec­tions have come to mean, anything from the use of Botulinum toxin to the use of dermal filler injections.

Most patients know the term Botox but quite a few will confuse this with dermal filler injections.

The differ­ence between the two is that with the botox we essen­tially weaken the over­active frown muscles or laugh lines by injecting a neur­o­toxin into these muscles, whereas with dermal fillers we are injecting a complex sugar under the skin to either pump out a wrinkle or to volu­mize an area.

While the action of anti­wrinkle injec­tions takes up to two weeks to show, the action of the most filler injec­tions is immediate.

A common ques­tion is do anti-wrinkle injec­tions hurt?

the answer is that at best most patients will describe the discom­fort as similar to a mosquito bite.

Do anti­wrinkle injec­tions bruise?

Given the extremely thin needle the chances of bruising after these injec­tions is very low.

Can you get anti­wrinkle injec­tions while pregnant?

we discourage our patients to have anti­wrinkle injec­tions during preg­nancy are while breast-feeding their kids.

Best anti-wrinkle injec­tion clinic near me? 

we are considered one of the best anti­wrinkle injec­tion clinics in Cardiff, UK.

Can I see anti­wrinkle injec­tion before and after?

During your consulta­tion Dr Prashant will go through a detailed analysis of what you need and how it will be treated. He will also show you many examples of before and after results of patients similar to you.

What anti­wrinkle injec­tion after care do I need? 

There is very little down­time with anti­wrinkle injec­tions, and you will be able to resume your activ­ities as normal imme­di­ately after the treat­ment. We do however advice our patients, to stay upright for 4 to 6 hours after the treat­ment and avoid massa­ging the area.

What is the anti­wrinkle injec­tion cost in Cardiff, UK?

The average price of this treat­ment starts from £180 to £250, these prices include the consulta­tion, treat­ment and a top up at two weeks if required.