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Patient Journey

Patient Journey

Patient Journey with Reforme Medical

Dr Prashant thinks of your desire for a better form and our treatments to achieve it, as a kind of patient journey. With this in mind he has designed two similar but slightly different journeys. The only difference between the two is if you can co-ordinate your travel for your treatment, with the twice yearly schedule that Dr Prashant has, to conduct his Cosmetic Surgeries in Mumbai – NOTHING ELSE CHANGES, the costs of both journeys will be the same allowing you the flexibility to choose.

The 2 Patient Journeys with Reforme

Here at Reforme there are two kinds of journeys you can embark on,

On both journeys Dr Prashant Murugkar will be actively involved in the Consultations, Planning, Costing, Treatment, Travel and Follow-ups required for you to get the best results possible.

In the PANEL DOCTOR LED Cosmetic Surgery Journey, you will consult with Dr Prashant first either in person at his clinic in Cardiff or London or online through our Secure HIPPA Compliant Online Clinic. Once he understands what will benefit you the most, he will carefully choose a Plastic Surgeon Colleague from his Panel who specialises in the procedure you desire. Dr Prashant will then coordinate with this colleague and his India Team to design your journey, ensuring Transparency, Safety and Efficacy at all times. You will still have the security of post-operative follow-ups with Dr Prashant at his clinic or on his online clinic.

The DOCTOR PRASHANT SUPERVISED Cosmetic Surgery Journey, starts off the same as the above, but in this process, you choose to have Dr Prashant actively involved and supervising your whole treatment process. Dr Prashant Murugkar visits Mumbai, twice a year to conduct cosmetic surgeries for his patients in India. In the Supervised Journey, we will ensure that Dr Prashant is attending and supervising your cosmetic surgery right in the operation theatre. This might further enhance your experience, while ensuring Transparency, Safety and Efficacy at all times. You will still have the security of post-operative follow-ups with Dr Prashant at his clinic or on his online clinic.

The Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons in India

Dr Prashant has cherry-picked Qualified and Experienced Cosmetic Surgeons in India, who specialise in certain areas of Cosmetic Surgery, like Hair Transplants, Body Contouring, Breast Surgery, Nose Reshaping, Gender Reassignment Surgeries.

These surgeons are all, Kind and Honest doctors first and on top of their game second. You can expect the same Transparency, Safety and Efficacy from them as you have come to expect from Dr Prashant Murugkar.

Affordable and Luxurious Stay

Our Clinic Coordinator Jennifer will be there to help you with the choice of hotels, which can range from an Air BnB to a 5* Star Hotel right by the beach. You will have a wide choice to enable you to control the cost of your Holiday.

Stunning Tourism Destinations

As you will know, India has more World Heritage Sites than most countries in the world, it also has holiday options as varied as a stay in a place or lounging by a stunning beach. We will help you with local knowledge to choose what is best for you.

Personalised Assistance

We will arrange for you to be picked up and dropped off to the airport at no extra cost. We will also provide Concierge Services to enable you to make the most of your visit to India.

Dedicated Follow-up

Your journey with us, will not end with your treatment. We will ensure that you have the follow-up you need during your recovery. The operating surgeon or Dr Prashant will be actively involved throughout your recovery, without any additional costs to you.

Step by Step Guide


Consultation with the Doctor in the UK or ONLINE

Medical Plan Designed

Travel Plan Designed

Medical or Tourist Visa obtained

Fly to Mumbai

Pick up from airport and drop to Hotel

Stay at Hotel

Preop investigations

Preop Consultation

Surgery and Rest at Hospital

Discharge from hospital on doctors’ orders


Fly back home

Follow-up with the Doctor in the UK or ONLINE


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