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Nose Reshaping/ Rhinoplasty

Nose reshaping surgery in cardiff

Rhinoplasty is an operation that is designed to change the shape of the nose, such that it can look more in balance with the rest of your face.

Indications for rhinoplasty:
your nose appears too large for your face there is a bump on the nasal bridge once viewed in profile your nose looks too wide once viewed from the front the nasal tip droops or plunges the tip is thickened or enlarged your nostrils are excessively flared your nose is off-center or crooked
previous injury has made your nose asymmetrical

It is necessary that you just have a transparent plan of however you'd like your nose to seem and, at the same time, realize that there are limitations to the procedure.

The desire to change your appearance should be based on your own feelings rather than those of your parents or friends.

During your consultation, we will go through an analysis of your nose, your desires, the possible change and the technique needed for bringing about the change.

What are the types of Rhinoplasty or Nose Jobs?

Non-Surgical or Liquid or Needle Nose Job refers to the use of Dermal Filler injections to enhance the nose. This technique can be used to make the nose taller, appear straighter and the tip to be slightly sharper.

Surgical Rhinoplasty involves altering the components of the nose through an open or closed approach.

Open Rhinoplasty: this is a popular approach in which through a cut that extends from the middle of the columella to the insides of either nostrils (all the cuts are well hidden), the skin of the nose is lifted to enable direct visualisation of the cartilage and bones of the nose, thus making it easier to reshape them.

Closed Rhinoplasty: in this approach, there is no cut on the columella and the operation takes place only through cuts made inside the nostril, this is a popular approach when a minor alteration is all that is required.

What changes can be brought about in a Nose Job:

After a detailed analysis, a detailed operative plan is drawn out for what is needed for your nose job. This is then discussed in details with you and once you agree we will proceed with the operation.

All the components of the nose, the bones, the cartilages, the nostrils, the tip can be altered as is required.

Results of Your Rhinoplasty: while the early result is evident as early as 8 days when the plaster comes off, we generally advise all our patients that it can take up to 6 – 8 months for the final result to show through.

Occasionally, a touch up can help to improve the reults more. If this is the case, the additional procedure is usually less extensive than the original operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a free nose job on the NHS?

You can visit or write to your GP to see if your particular nasal problem can be sorted by surgery on the NHS. Purely cosmetic rhinoplasty is not covered on the NHS.

What is the cost of getting a nose job done?

The average nose job costs between 3000 – 5000 GBP.

How long is recovery from rhinoplasty?

About a week to 10 days, before you can go back to work.

Rhinoplasty risks?

We will explain all the risks involved in the surgery, in our consent forms. Generally, it is a safe and rewarding procedure.

Is Rhinoplasty worth it?

If you have wanted to alter the shape of your nose for a long time and think that it will improve both your breathing, appearance and self-confidence then the surgery might be worth it. Having said that you have to think long and hard and take your time before you consider it.

What is the average recovery time after getting a nose job?

The incisions or cuts heal in a weeks’ time, if a plaster has been given then it comes off at 8 days, the swelling of the skin goes down over a month or so, but can take longer in thicker skin types.

What is a liquid nose job?

This is a procedure were dermal fillers made of Hyaluronic acid are used to reshape the nose using a needle or cannula.

Types of nose jobs?

Please refer to the introduction for an explanation on the types of nose jobs.

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