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Skin Tags

Skin tags are harmless bumps of skin that contain collagen fibres and sometimes blood vessels. They can be of varying sizes ranging from a few millimetres to several centimetres. Most skin tags are attached to the skin by a narrow stalk, while some are attached by a shorter, wider base.

Skin tags become a problem when they start affecting the self-esteem of the patient, or they become a nuisance getting caught in jewellery or clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Skin Tags? Are Skin Tags Hereditary?

There is no exact cause of skin tags, but generally, you might have someone in the family who suffers from these. The other conditions associated with skin tags are Obesity and Diabetes. Pregnancy might cause skin tags to appear due to metabolic or hormonal stimulus.

Areas of the skin which are prone to rubbing, like the folds of the neck, armpits, groin, area under the breasts or skin folds, tend to be the sites were skin tags are common, this could be because of the friction in these areas.

Do I have a Wart or Skin Tags?

  • Skin tags have smooth skin, while warts are generally rough, thick texture.
  • Skin tags are not contagious and don’t spread like warts spread from one area to the other.
  • Skin tags are generally painless, while some warts can be painful.

Are Skin Tags dangerous or cancerous?

Non Skin Tags are harmless and don’t have any risk of cancer.

Can I use Toothpaste, Nail Polish to remove Skin Tag?

There is a popular belief that products like toothpaste, hair removal creams, wart creams, nail polish or nail polish remover will get rid of skin tags. None of these work and in some instances can prove dangerous, so please don’t use them.

Can I clip off my skin tag with nail clippers?

Before you consider removing your skin tags by yourself at home, please consult with your GP/Doctor, as some skin tags might have enough blood supply to give rise to bleeding following their removal. If the skin tag is hanging by a narrow stalk, your doctor will advise you to tie it off with a piece of dental floss or cotton string, such that the blood supply to the tag is cut off and the skin tag falls off. You might also try the Cryotag device available at BOOTS, which enables you to apply a very cold temperature to the skin tag, in an attempt to freeze them off.

Please don’t use nail clippers to remove skin tags as this might be painful and cause bleeding.

What is Cryolysis, Cryotherapy, (Cryotag) for Skin Tags?

Cryolysis or Cryotherapy are techniques in which Liquid Nitrogen or Liquid Nitrous Oxide is used to freeze the skin tag and remove it. Cryotag is a freezing device, available at BOOTS pharmacy that might work on skin tags which have a very small stalk.

How can I get rid of my Skin Tags?

There are two techniques that we use to remove Skin Tags at Reforme Medical, Cardiff, UK. Cryotherapy, in this method a spray of liquid Nitrous Oxide is used to freeze and destroy the skin tag stalk, such that the tag falls off in a few days. It is relatively painless and quick, associated with very few side-effects. Sometimes the treatment needs to be repeated if the freezing did not completely get rid of the skin tag.

Radio-surgery, in this method you will be given a small injection of the numbing solution under the base of each skin tag. Once the area is numb, then a specialised probe called radio-surgery device is used to cut off the skin tag from its base. The method is very safe and rarely gives rise to problems.


* All prices quoted apply to surgery done at World Class clinic in Mumbai, India and are subject to variation based on prevalent exchange rates.

• Skin Tag Cryotherapy Removal

£100 up to 3 lesions, £150 up to 6 lesions

• Radio-Surgery Skin Tag

£99 for 1 lesion, £150 up to 3 tags, £200 up to 6 tags, £250 up to 9 tags.

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