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Thigh lift

This is a skin tuck procedure that is generally combined with other tuck surgeries like Tummy Tuck and Lower Body Lift. It is a common operation after massive weight loss, either from dieting and lifestyle changes or through Bariatric or Weight Loss Surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Liposuction or Thigh Lift?

While liposuction, especially energy-assisted liposuction techniques like Laser Liposuction or BodyTite can reduce the bulk of the thighs and tighten the skin, they have a limitation if there is too much skin laxity.

Your surgeon should be able to tell you if you are indeed a candidate for liposuction or you need a Thigh Lift.

Are Thigh Lifts worth it and how long does it take to recover from the procedure?

Following massive weight loss, you need a thigh lift, and there is no other procedure that will get rid of the excess skin envelope and restore the contours of your thigh. It will generally take about 2 – 3 weeks to recover from a thigh lift.

Is a Thigh Lift dangerous?

As with all surgeries, there are risks and complications associated with Thigh Lift. Please discuss these with your surgeon at the time of your consultation.

Will I be anesthetised and how long does a Thigh Lift take?

Yes, these are generally done under general anaesthesia and take about 2 – 3 hours to complete.

Where are the scars of a Thigh Lift?

Your surgeon will discuss this with you at your consultation as there are a variety of scars from those restricted to the groin to ones that will run down the inside of your thigh that can be used depending on each case.

What are the common problems associated?

Blood clots, pain, bleeding, infections, asymmetric scars or contours, altered skin sensations and bad scarring are problems associated with any operation.


* All prices quoted apply to surgery done at World Class clinic in Mumbai, India and are subject to variation based on prevalent exchange rates.

You can discuss the costs of a Thigh Lift at the time of your consultation.

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