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Aging, massive weight loss, childbirth can all have an impact on the functioning of the vaginal area this laxity and looseness can affect a woman’s sexual gratification, body image, comfort and self-confidence.

Vaginoplasty generally combines tightening of the vagina with or without reshaping of the Labia or Vulva.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Vaginal Tightening or Vaginoplasty?

This a question you and our specialist gynaecologist will sit down and answer, as only a gynaecological examination can reveal the nature of the issues you are experiencing.

If the vaginal contours have stretch and altered over time, if you are experiencing difficulty and soreness during intercourse, if you have had multiple vaginal deliveries and feel that there is now reduced sensation during intercourse, you might be a candidate for a surgical vaginoplasty.

What are the risks and complications of Vaginoplasty?

All surgery is associated with the risk of pain, bleeding, infections and poor scarring, these risks are the same with vaginoplasty but are not very common.

Risks specific to vaginoplasty include the chance of an injury to the bladder and surrounding structures, these risks are not common and will be discussed at length during your consultation.

You will not be able to engage in vaginal intercourse for upto 4 - 6 weeks, till our Gynaecologist has given you the go ahead. Even after this period it will take some time for you and your partner to adjust to the new sensations of the tightened vagina. You might have to try different positions and use lubricant jelly to ease into the process, this will be needed in the first few months.

Does vaginoplasty help with stress urinary incontinence?

When combined with a perineal repair and added steps, a vaginoplasty surgery can help with stress urinary incontinence.

How is vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening surgery performed?

In most instances this operation is performed under general anesthesia as a day surgery. You will be given antibiotics and pain relief to cover the recovery period. Icing the operated area every 2 – 4 hours can ease the discomfort and swelling. You are encouraged to rest for the first 24 hours. You will be given an antibiotic cream to apply twice a day to the area. You can shower after the first 24 hours and the sutures self-dissolve over a weeks’ time. You are advised to wear a sanitary pad for the first week to keep the area dry. Avoid tight clothes, vigorous exercise, horse riding, bike riding and sexual activity for 4 – 8 weeks to allow appropriate healing of the area as per your doctor's advice.

What are the different types of Vaginal Repair?

There are many different steps in a vaginal operation, including vaginoplasty, anterior repair, perineal repair, our gynaecologist will discuss all the steps you need for your situation.

Is Vaginal surgery offered on the NHS?

Yes, if you have a severe vaginal laxity, or prolapse you might qualify for this surgery on the NHS, our Gynaecologist will be able to help you with this decision.


* All prices quoted apply to surgery done at World Class clinic in Mumbai, India and are subject to variation based on prevalent exchange rates.

Costs vary with the requirement you have, and will be discussed at your consultation.

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