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Why Choose Reforme for Cosmetic Surgery

Why Choose Reforme for Cosmetic Surgery

Why choose Reforme Medical for your Cosmetic Surgery needs?

At Reforme, we pride ourselves at having Redesigned Medical Tourism. Gone are the days when you would have to do everything online, then go through the hassle of all the paperwork and finally make a leap of faith and go get your operation done abroad. Even then you would be unsupported when you flew back home and needed some followup or even needed to consult someone for things not going to plan.

We aim to support you through the entire process, giving you access to in-person or online consultations and in-person or online followup in the UK.

Given that we have a presence in both India and the UK enables us to truly provide a SAFE and AFFORDABLE Cosmetic Surgery Tourism Experience.

Your Cosmetic Surgery Tourism Journey

Consultation with the Doctor in the UK or ONLINE

Medical Plan Designed

Travel Plan Designed

Medical or Tourist Visa obtained

Fly to Mumbai

Pick up from airport and drop to Hotel

Stay at Hotel








Preop investigations

Preop Consultation

Surgery and Rest at Hospital

Discharge from hospital on doctors’ orders


Fly back home

Follow-up with the Doctor in the UK or ONLINE








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